zondag 10 november 2013

Ryan Davis - Collider

Sunday's Chillout #003

Ryan Davis - b2 COLLIDER - Preview - Traum 169

Collider is the last track of the 'State Of Mind Ep' and is referring to thoughts that collide against each other. The change while finding out new possibilities and ways can sometimes be hard, irritating and cause confusion with own, older values. After people found informations they didnt knew before, they bump into people with out-dated informations which can cause conflicts as well. Thirdly, the conflict of what is right or wrong is playing a big role in our minds and causes a lot of trouble while deciding. As many different pieces of the puzzle we have to take care of, the solution will hopefully be a balance of all which is lead by the truth, responsibility and love.

This blance after the collision of the thought is mirrored in the Track collider which is with his breaky but very harmonic vibes, the soft changes and a tender melody, the perfect track to let thoughts collide and find the solution.

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